Product Range


1.Home (Playground, barbecue area, balcony etc):

The home is where the soul of the family is; create great fun times together in a green, beautiful environment. Show us any space in your home and we will help you turn it into a paradise for beautiful family memories together.

Artificial grass is always green, creates a continuous playing surface for a number of sports and doesn’t require much maintenance. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t require the use of dangerous chemical fertilisers – and the water requirement for artificial grass is zero.

2.Sports (Mini Football Pitches, Full size pitches, Mini Golf etc):

Many sport facilities have realized the benefits of using synthetic grass or artificial turf. It creates a friendly playing surface for high performance athletes. The economy of using AstroTurf far outweigh the cost of installation. Advanced fibre technology has led to a range of different products that meet and exceed the demands of any sport: from dense, smooth mats for putting greens to grass that closely mimics a lush, green natural lawn for sports such as hockey and soccer.

Available through AstroTurf Ghana stockists nationwide, or professionally installed by a team of approved installers, for the perfect fit & finish.

3.Commercial (Schools playground/Hotels/Resorts etc):

Give your school the beautiful playground it deserves to uplift the image of the school & give your students an awesome outdoor play experience every-time. Hotels & restaurants can add some greenry to their landscape to make their facilities truly welcoming and appealing.

4.Small Business Opportunities (Build an Astroturf pitch for business):

Why not use your vacant land into a mini-golf park or football park to serve your community & earn money doing so? We can give you a concept and an estimate to achieve that.


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